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Alchera Global Venture

In the south region of the Falkland Islands lies a pearl: the Sea Lion island. This colony not only features a broad spectrum of pre-built structures that can be filled and claimed, but it also gives us time to appreciate our co-inhabitants, the sea lions. The vision for this colony is not only to thrive, but in the long run we want to generate income that can be donated to charity organizations that take care of sea lions in the real world.

Sea Lion Colony

As travelers in two worlds, we adopt three simple principles:

We are honest. We don’t cheat or use exploits. We have a transparent culture of communication.

We respect the gird. We want to use the new world’s territories as canvas for beautiful structures and places to come alive.

We help each other. As a community, we support new players and keep a good spirit regarding the further progression of the game.

What is our vision?

Together, we shape the future of Earth 2.

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