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RandyChaves on Youtube!

In the last couple of weeks we all have been very busy watching the video’s of the amazing RandyChaves. He makes a lot of fun, educational and well-informed video’s about He is not a financial advisor but nevertheless, the video’s are helpful and cool. Everything he does, he does it for the community and that’s what we like about him. He has his own style of vlogging and he makes 2-3 video’s per day. Currently he has around 1500 subscribers but let’s take him to a 2000 and beyond!

He is always talking about his community and how he is willing to help them in game. One thing I remember was that he said: ‘When I am harvesting 100 wood per day and the price is E$1/wood I am willing to sell 1 piece of wood for E$0,5’ That’s a great summary about him. You should definately check his youtube out. One of my favorite video’s is this one.

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