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Earth2 market has a marketplace, where all properties marked for sale are listed. To list a property for sale, all you need to do is to go to your profile, click the “EDIT / SELL” button on the property you want to sell, then check the “Advertise in Marketplace” option and save. However the official marketplace in itself is incomplete. Only can only select a single country, and lack filtering options.


There are many alternative tools for earth2 like the website for stats and the website with a great space view of the properties sold The Best tool for the Marketplace is It provides filtering by almost any criteria possible and unlike the official marketplace it displays the full data about each property. The list of properties is updated every 30 minutes but if you want to snipe the best deals as soon as they appear on the official marketplace, there is also a premium version, which includes even more features.

Snipers Community

There are many users making tons of money in There is a small community of calling themselves “ snipers”, which compete who can click the buy now faster, as soon as a good property appears. They’ve narrowed their filters down to the best possible deals, and when someone posts a good offer, all most of them see is the name of another sniper, who has already bought that property second before they entered.

History of the Alternative marketplace

mcrdy455 – the owner and developer of the website shared that he created the market for personal use, when he got scammed by a user exploiting bugs on the official marketplace. He shared his creation in the official communities, and users are all really happy to use it. To celebrate its first month, announced its first monthly giveaway, with rewards worth over 1000 USD in which everybody can take part for free. There will be over 20 users announced. Go join 🙂

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