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Tian, City in the sky.

Welcome to Tian (tea – en) – The ONLY Earth2 City at over 6000 metres above sea level. Situated in the Bhutanese Himalayas, Tian (The City in the Sky) is a fast-growing, friendly community with a mission to be the pinnacle of mountainous development in Earth2. Our vision for Tian is to become a sacred city with oriental temples and traditional housing – but built in a futuristic way. We hope to combine the old with the new in Tian.

This megacity currently has around 10.000 tiles (18-2-2021). If that amount doubles they can claim their spot on the megamap. That’s why we need your help. Why wouldn’t you want a great spot in this super cool megacity. You can join their discord by clicking on this link.

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