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Rumor about Facebook false!

14-2-2021, that is the date when Nathaniel the developer of joined a private discord. He declines that are currently working with Facebook. They might in the future but we all think that that’s not their best option. Earth2 is strong on its own. That’s all for this blogpost. Thanks for reading!

Next moment of information

Week 7 started off quiet, was not rising as quickly as it did before. There was some info spread about the video that will release soon. The countdown started on the official site. The discord and facebook are quiet again. Let’s wait until the video releases. Tuesday February 16th.

Facebook x

Lately there are many rumors about working together with facebook. What is this about? Why would they do that? How will this affect the game? Those are all questions we will see in the near future. For us personally its great, Facebook has a lot of users and a lot of money. They can… Continue reading Facebook x