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Tian, City in the sky.

Welcome to Tian (tea – en) – The ONLY Earth2 City at over 6000 metres above sea level. Situated in the Bhutanese Himalayas, Tian (The City in the Sky) is a fast-growing, friendly community with a mission to be the pinnacle of mountainous development in Earth2. Our vision for Tian is to become a sacred… Continue reading Tian, City in the sky.

Dubai megacity?

Want to be a co leader to a MEGACITY ? There is still time !! DUBAI COMING SOON!! YOU might be the new co leader of DUBAI MEGACITY. Join the server to gather. ALL Dubai enthusiasts WELCOME . When everybody has land in Dubai, lets make it a MEGACITY because why not. Join here ->… Continue reading Dubai megacity?

RandyChaves on Youtube!

In the last couple of weeks we all have been very busy watching the video’s of the amazing RandyChaves. He makes a lot of fun, educational and well-informed video’s about He is not a financial advisor but nevertheless, the video’s are helpful and cool. Everything he does, he does it for the community and… Continue reading RandyChaves on Youtube!