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Dubai megacity?

Want to be a co leader to a MEGACITY ? There is still time !! DUBAI COMING SOON!! YOU might be the new co leader of DUBAI MEGACITY. Join the server to gather. ALL Dubai enthusiasts WELCOME . When everybody has land in Dubai, lets make it a MEGACITY because why not. Join here ->… Continue reading Dubai megacity? partner?

Marketplace Earth2 market has a marketplace, where all properties marked for sale are listed. To list a property for sale, all you need to do is to go to your profile, click the “EDIT / SELL” button on the property you want to sell, then check the “Advertise in Marketplace” option and save. However the… Continue reading partner?

Facebook x

Lately there are many rumors about working together with facebook. What is this about? Why would they do that? How will this affect the game? Those are all questions we will see in the near future. For us personally its great, Facebook has a lot of users and a lot of money. They can… Continue reading Facebook x

Message from, a new developed real-estate site. On here you can buy, sort and organise all properties available for buying. You can list your own properties too! The owner is giving away land when 100 listings are listed. The message contains the following: Buying tiles has never been easier! Our aim is to… Continue reading

RandyChaves on Youtube!

In the last couple of weeks we all have been very busy watching the video’s of the amazing RandyChaves. He makes a lot of fun, educational and well-informed video’s about He is not a financial advisor but nevertheless, the video’s are helpful and cool. Everything he does, he does it for the community and… Continue reading RandyChaves on Youtube! new partner!

On the 5th of February, 2021 has made a deal with From now on they will be working together and sharing their content. ‘We are happy to announce that from now on we are cooperating with a clean, slimline webexperience created specifically for’ -Britishguy Together we will build a map where you… Continue reading new partner!