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Hype or new Bitcoin?

“The first real price increase occurred in July 2010 when the valuation of a bitcoin went from around $0.0008 to $0.08 for a single coin.” For people who don’t know, 1 single bitcoin is worth over $22.000,00 as of right now. People who bought early are millionaires now. Is Earth2io the same? Could a piece of land ever hit a price of $10.000,00? Who knows?

Why the hype?

Why is it such a big deal, what is the deal with The answer to that question is very simple. On 20-12-2020 you could’ve bought 750 tiles worth $0.60 for a total of $450. As of right now the price for the same 750 tiles in America are worth a total of $15.000 and still rising! Thats why people say is the new Bitcoin. Why do people say its fake? Why do people not believe?

Am I too late?

No. You are not too late, the price is still rising. A little piece of advice, maybe do not invest in America and read more about before buying land. America has a tile price of $20 while for example Brazil, with a current tile price of $0,7, a way better deal is. That’s just my opinion. Don’t buy without knowing the risks and its still gambling. However, at some country prices you just can’t lose money in my opinion. is a pyramid scheme scam!

Is it really? It is possible to think that. If you are new to investing it may sound like its way to good to be true. For now we pay way to much money for pixels. In my opinion we give money to the game itself for developing. After all, it is a game and the gaming industry is bigger than ever before and on its way to become one of the biggest industries. You can check out every owner/founder’s twitter/instagram/facebook and check their complete background. They are as real as you can get. For ease, I put the LinkedIn link of 1 of the creators on the LinkedIn icon. Click on it to check his background yourself!

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Written on: 31-12-2020

Sources: Investopedia