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How to profit with

There are a lot of ways you can make real money with There is a extended list of things you can do and you can work on to optimalise these profits. does everything to let you profit the most. They are constantly thinking of new ways to improve their economy.

How to profit in

How do you profit in That seems very simple, the site says a lot about it. Every update the game gets, they announce new ways to make more money! Click on the buttons to see how you can make money yourself!


When you buy a piece of land in country X, every time someone else buys land in country X you get tax money. The amount you get depends on the tier of the tile. What the tiers do exactly is not really clear. How much you get is also not clear yet. But if you buy in a country where you think will be a lot of trading going on, you can buy to get taxes. 

Land value increases

Every time someone buys land, the price increases or decreases. This is because demand and supply. Its economy 101. So if you buy cheap and sell expensive you can profit! In the early stages of the game it is an easy way to get quick money. For example if you bought some ground in America when the game came out you could’ve profited 20+ bucks on a single tile. 


In phase 2 there will be resources. How can you get resources in The answer is simple, its random but you will get a bonus when you are near a mine/forest or something like that. We don’t know for sure until they bring it out. 

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Written on: 4-1-2020