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We’re a futuristic city that will focus on peace and prosperity. With laws, law enforcement and other services that are needed. We have roads, avenues and a place set for an airport and docks. Tomorrowland City plan to be one of the biggest undertakings in earth2!


The City of Tomorrow Land is a conceptual city based within the video game. We are not connected to the company and developers. The purchase of tiles or any future products that may create is high risk and not connected to us, we do not encourage the purchase of such products or for you to become involved in the game. We, the people associated with this website and the City of Tomorrow Land are simply playing the video game.

All images and descriptions of the City of Tomorrow Land are simply concepts to help guide what other game players could do within the area referred to as Tomorrow Land. The setting aside of tiles for future infrastructure within the city does not constitute a commitment to build the infrastructure, it has been done to give the owner(s) of the tiles the option to do so.

What do we stand for?

The City of Tomorrow Land pioneered the use of tiles for roading and future infrastructure. It was designed on the belief that individually owned blocks, connected to a network of roads would lead to prosperity for all in the city. The concept grew to the securing of large areas for essential infrastructure like an airport, shipping port, town hall and other community services.

Although there is much uncertainty in what design features and gameplay the future of will hold, the City of Tomorrow Land has done everything possible to make sure it is positioned to prosper and adapt to whatever will come.

What is our vision?

Well, there has been a few late nights since a stumbled upon I started buying little plots here and there, then the strategy began. With so many unknowns about the future of the game it became clear that no one was leaving space for roads, everyone bought tiles side by side. When it comes to building structures someone will need to leave space for areas for avatars to stroll the streets. With the latest mention of cars by one of the developers streets have become more important. Will the developers somehow convince tile holders to sacrifice building space for other people to use for roads? maybe… Being a problem solver I naturally started building roads in Benin, a country rich in resources and cheap tiles. It became addictive and with an unknown distance of streets laid, maybe 100’s of km’s, I started thinking I was going mad. Then someone showed up, then a team started growing around the empty grid, then it started to fill up… Now there are boulevards, ports, airport and community areas all set aside for a future none of us know much about! Now I’m finally at a point where I can stop saying ‘I’ and ‘me’ and start saying ‘we’ and ‘us’ The team keeps growing and I look forward to introducing you to them.

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