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Tips to buy land

The first thing you want to do is probably buy land. You want to know if you are early enough to profit as the guys on youtube and social media do. You can read everything about buying land on this page.

Buying land, are you too late?

In this page we’ll discuss everything about buying land. One of the most asked questions is: ‘am I too late?’. It seems like a hard question because its diffrent for everyone. I can give you one simple answer. No, you are not too late. In our toughts you can profit on land as long as phase 1 is the phase we are in. Prices are dramatically going up right now as more and more people learn about Also, there are more ways to make money than to just buy land. If you want to read more about that click the button under this.

What is the best tactic to buying land?

There are a lot of different ways to buy land. You can buy land at a low price of which you will think “that is a way to low price, it’ll rise”. Or you can buy America, where more people will keep buying land so you earn taxes. A common tactic I use is very simple. I want to buy this land, because its cool like an island or a special place. If I want it there have to be more people who want that piece of land.

Cheapest land

The fantastic world of is divided by tier 1,2,3 and 4. What these tiers mean is not very clear. I have bought 1 of each at least so I have something to fall back on. I think this is a decent tactic to buying land. Currently tier 1 land is the cheapest. I have got some tier 1 land in Dem. rep. Congo and Papua New Guinea. 

Why do we do this?

The wiki site is completely free to use, we do not charge you any kind of money. If you buy land with our promo code you get 5% off your land purchase. We also get 5% from your purchase. In conclusion, we would appreciate if you use our code when buying land.

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Written on: 29-12-2020