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ZIGURAT CITY came to life thanks to a bunch of strongly talented Visual Artists sharing the same vision about the journey ahead in Earth2. The core members of Zigurat City are, VR Developers, 3D modelers, Visual artists, Programmers and any skillset you can imagine to make ZIGURAT the most SPECTACULAR CITY ever seen in E2. We welcome every one to this magnificent Metropoli and we hope to make it BRIGHTER every day with all people involved! WELCOME ZITIZENS TO THE CITY OF LIGHT!

Zigurat City

Well planned out

We have taken our city design seriously from the beginning. Roads, transport hub, ports, public squares and everything needed for our Zitizens to enjoy Zigurat as much as possible.

Pan African Alliance

We are a member from the Pan African Alliance. We believe this game will be about connections and we are part of the most important alliance with close relations with the most important cities to date.

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